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We appeared in the Dutch newspaper ‘Financieel Dagblad’, because we have something to say to the corporate world. For Dutchies, see the full story in the attached PDF (zoom in to read). For non-Dutchies, a translation of what we have to say:

June 27, 2022
Financieel Dagblad

For the full text in Dutch, click here.

This whole climate discussion, right? We have to do something with it. While we had to do so many things the past few years. Also entrepreneurs. And corporates. We went from lockdown to lockdown. We had to Zoom, work remotely, celebrate TGIF’s online, learn how to present with Teams.

We had to apply for government support, refuse government support, tighten our belts, let go, invest in new opportunities like crazy, or keep the wallet closed for fear of worse times ahead.

We let go of flex workers, waited with contract extension, kept shareholders happy, and now we have to find new employees that don’t exist.

And now the pandemic is almost over, we have to deal with a potential world war in our backyard. A backyard that’s the world’s largest cereal crop exporter. And for which the world’s entire iron supply is being melted into weapons. Apart from the misery of the people there, we should also fear for the market effects. And for oil prices.

And now we have to deal with nitrogen as well, here in The Netherlands. A word that’s often mentioned in one sentence with ‘crisis’ with good reason. Also, we have to start driving EV’s. We must navigate around the traffic jams caused by angry farmers. And we have to cope with a report on particulate matter caused by Schiphol Airport, that dwarfs the economic damage caused by cancelled flights. We are restarting coal plants to decrease our dependence on Russian gas.

And this way, we have to conclude that our CO2-reduction halted for the first time in six years. We are almost back where we started.

But: you probably did well the past few years. And you will comply to all the rules in the coming years. But do you ever wonder: would you also have acted without rules? Would you have done it yourself, from a deep conviction? Or did you act because you were forced to?

We have news for you. The tsunami of climate change that will keep chasing us will make us forget about all our other issues. It’s that big of a deal.

We have to reduce our CO2-emissions with 55% in 2030, instead of by 49%. And while CO2 is being seen as the big cause of climate change – not wrongly – creating a liveable climate on our planet is dependent on much more than emission reduction.

Look, we can prevaricate about this climate issue. But whether we like it or not, climate change is going much faster than we could ever imagine. If you think: the deluge will come after my lifetime, then think twice. The deluge already started. But we’re only at the beginning.

The effects of climate change are starting to become apocalyptic: temperature changes, unexpected heat and cold waves, rising sea levels and melting polar ice will create a life on earth you only know from bad science-fiction movies. And sooner than you think.

Do we want to scare you with this? No, not at all. We don’t like scared people, here at Salacia Solutions. Otherwise we wouldn’t have started this adventure. For which we gave up well paid consultancy jobs, because we want to leave the world in a better state than we found it, from a deep intrinsic motivation.

After our first year, we are ready for it: our TÜV-certified ESG performance system is unbeatable. It provides insight into you organization’s performance on environmental, social and governance indicators. The first clients (big names!) tried it out and we gloriously passed the test. This ESG performance system goes way beyond tracking CO2-emissions.

That’s because a climate neutral continent in 2050 (or sooner, if it would be up to us) demands a much broader view. Besides our carbon footprint are toxicity and biodiversity – just to name two – pressing issues.

And still then: gathering data is not that difficult. We’re not the only ones doing that. It’s about tapping into the right sources – even if these are found in unexpected places. But complying with regulation demands more than reporting alone. It’s about gathering all thinkable data – even data you can’t think of yet, about continuously and real time insight, monitoring and proactively working towards reducing your impact.

With the ESG performance system of Salacia Solutions, you move from reporting to monitoring, and we help you comply with EU-regulations faster, simples and cheaper to which each company has to comply. Also yours.

So… you can join the battle for our environment because you want to comply with regulations (which are coming, also for your organisation), because you want to be transparent before others expose your impact, or because it’s going to cost you money if you don’t. All fine by us. But we prefer positive clients. The half full ones. Like us. Those who want to create a liveable planet from a deep personal conviction. We would love to poor a coffee for you.

Do you recognize yourself in this? Do you think it’s a good idea? You’re welcome.

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