SNB partners with Salacia to continuously monitor its ecological footprint

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Real-time insight into sustainability performance at a click of the mouse, so that adjusting operations can be done quicker, more targeted, and whenever necessary. SNB, the Netherlands’ largest sludge processor, is taking this step in monitoring its ecological footprint with support from ESG monitoring specialist Salacia Solutions.

February 18, 2022
Nina van Rijn (Salacia Solutions)

By further professionalizing its sustainability monitoring, SNB takes a leap forward in realizing its ambition to become energy neutral, CO2 neutral and as circular as possible. Already, SNB contributes to a circular economy by recovering precious raw materials and energy from sludge processing. Working at the intersection of sustainability and ICT, Salacia Solutions now enables SNB to always have an up-to-date picture of its environmental impact, focusing on nitrogen and greenhouse gas emissions in particular.

No more complicated calculations

The partnership between SNB and Salacia Solutions was sealed in January 2022 with a cooperation agreement. SNB Director Silvester Bombeeck calls the partnership with Salacia Solutions a logical next step in making the sludge treatment process more sustainable. “SNB has been working on reducing its environmental footprint for years. To gain a good insight into this, complicated calculations are often required, such as a LifeCycleAnalysis. Calculations like that cannot be performed every day. With the software solution provided by Salacia, we have continuous insight into our environmental performance, making it easier to make adjustments to our operations. That is an important step forward in achieving our sustainability goals,” says Bombeeck.

Fully automated sustainability monitoring

Salacia Solutions ensures that SNB’s environmental impact is accessible in real time via an advanced calculation platform based on existing operational data and environmental indicators, explains co-founder Kees Kerstens. “We implement a direct link between the databases and we extract the relevant data that is needed to make the impact calculations. This whole process is fully automated. The results are available to SNB in a dashboard at any given moment, so that adjustments can be made whenever necessary,” says Kerstens.

SNB is an example for other companies

He witnesses a huge increase in the demand for sustainability monitoring in the wake of new European environmental regulations. “SNB can serve as an example for many other companies which currently still assess their impact only on a quarterly or annual basis. SNB is one of the frontrunners in the transition to a circular economy and we are a frontrunner in sustainability monitoring. ESG-monitoring is becoming a whole new ballgame that is developing at lightning speed. For example, the EU will prescribe auditing of sustainability data. The EU also wants one standardized method of monitoring performance, applicable throughout Europe. The aim is to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. It is now 2022, so time is of the essence," says Kerstens.

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