Salacia at a glance

Salacia’s mission is to simplify environmental, social and governmental (ESG) impact tracking.
Together we bring your ESG-reporting to the same level as your financial reporting.

The purpose of our services is to support data driven decision making within your company.
We provide access to trustworthy ESG-information at any time.
Enabling you to monitor your progress towards your sustainability targets.  

Benefits are multiple:
- high level of automatisation meaning less effort for you
- new and frequent insights
- compliance with new EU-regulation.


How it works

No new software, but integration with your existing data and systems

Smart data connections

Together with you we set up connections with existing data sources, for (fully automated) tracking. We centralise your data and knowledge.

Automated calculations

Your impact is calculated in line with international standards such as the GHG-protocol or GRI. Need to be CSRD compliant next year? We're ready to set up your platform in the right way.

Auditable reports

The results are visualized in powerful, interactive dashboards or are fed back into your own data infrastructure. Export them into organized and consistent reports.

Continuous improvement

Our solution is modular. If your organization's demands or market and legislative demands change, we change accordingly.

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Our solution

Whether you are just getting started or want to step up your game: Salacia Solutions is here to help

Integrated solution
We are your one-stop shop for effective ESG monitoring, management and reporting. We offer an integrated platform and advice. Stay ahead of competition, comply with regulation and take control of your impact today.
State-of-the-art technology
Make ESG monitoring and reporting easier. And smarter. Minimize manual entry and exploding Excel-sheet, aim for seamless integration with your existing data infrastructure.
Nice words won't do the trick anymore. Investors, consumers, supply chain partners and legislation demand proof of your impact. Meet the disclosure requirements from your stakeholders, and from present and future regulation.

environmental analytics solution

We help you monitor your company's green ambitions. Without administrative hassle or delay. So you can move from green ambitions to green results.

automated impact tracking

We track your environmental impact real-time, across all business units and for any impact category one can think of. We make a live connection with your existing databases. And those of your suppliers and customers. No manual entry or additional data collection is required.

become a sustainability leader

Reviewing past performance and looking ahead has never been so easy, enabling you to smoothly move towards your reduction goals. Due to consistency in methodology, your results gain authority, showing your stakeholders your commitment to impact reduction.

state-of-the-art dashboards

Our custom made dashboards help you track progress towards greater sustainability effortlessly. Freeing up time and resources for footprint analysis and reduction. With a single mouse click, reports are generated following the international reporting standard of your choice, such as GRI or CDP. Or into your custom made report.

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Salacia's mission in 83 seconds

We are your answer to an increasing demand for transparency and reduction of environmental impact coming from consumers, investors and governments
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Our impact platform
Operational data
We believe in synchronizing financial data and data used for ESG monitoring. This way societal and financial impact can be considered simultaneously. And this also simplifies assurance.
We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Our clients  choose which modules to add to their platform. Think of a suppliers interface for gathering scope 3 data; an SBTi-module for target setting and progress tracking; a CSRD, GRI or CDP module or a EU Taxonomy module.

Moreover, we develop client specific emission factors, so we can determine your impact more precisely: using general emission factors is not good enough anymore.
Let us develop custom made dashboards or feed the raw results back into your own existing data infrastructure.
For who?

ESG is no longer an isolated field of expertise: it should be embedded into every corner of an organization. Our solution provides the following benefits

Board &
as a whole

  • Comply with regulation and market demands
  • Reduce environmental impact and costs
  • Future-proof your business
  • Access to new markets
  • Strengthen partner relations
  • Set ambitious targets and communicate in a transparent way


  • Synergy financial & ESG data
  • Future-proofing of business
  • Auditable process & results
  • Single source of truth for impact data
  • Quantify impact reduction from  investments
  • No impact tracking experience needed
  • Greener practice = lower costs of capital
  • GHG-protocol compliant, getting ready for CSRD


  • Reduce effort and costs of ESG data management
  • No impact tracking experience needed
  • Simplify data management and increase data security
  • All ESG data & knowledge centralized
  • Single source of truth for impact data
  • No new software

Sustainability team

  • Increase efficiency, eliminate calculation errors
  • Shift attention from data collection to analysis &reduction strategies
  • Precise insights to inform strategy & identify reduction levers
  • Export results into reports using standards as GHG-protocol, GRI, CDP
  • Getting ready for CSRD


  • Attract and retain talent
  • Future-proofing of business
  • Complying with regulation and market demands
  • Access to new markets


  • Direct insight into financed emissions
  • Determine portfolio's footprint
  • Engage portfolio in decarbonization
  • Direct investments towards greener projects
  • Simplify reporting to stakeholders
  • Comply with PCAF, GHG-protocol, SFDR
The benefits

Why Salacia Solutions?

We designed the ESG monitoring solution of the future. With a dedicated team of technical and sustainability experts we empower you to master your ESG efforts.
Future-proof solution
We constantly innovate, to make sure you have access to the latest in the market and comply with all regulations.
Sustainability journey
With each new client, we embark on a journey to develop the solution that seamlessly fits their needs.
Beyond emission factors
If desired, we can track your actual impact, instead of your estimated impact based on emission factors and industry averages.
Secure technology
We ensure a high-security data environment. Your data is only accessible to people within your organization.
Modular, flexible, scalable
It doesn't matter what your starting point is. We build the solution at your pace, and develop it alongside your organization.
Beyond GHG-emissions
Environmental sustainability is a holistic effort. Let's move beyond climate, and onto biodiversity, air and water quality, land use, human health, resource use, and so on.
Minimize manual entry
Since we use existing data, there is no more need for manual calculations and exploding Excel-sheets.

Test the waters, or dive right in

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Get an in-depth understanding of the tracking and reporting landscape, including current and future market and legislative demands. We also map your data availability and quality, so we can advice on how to bring your tracking and reporting game to the next level.
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Start with a simple version of our tracking solution, or choose for fully automated, real-time impact tracking using live connections with your databases. Our solution can accomodate very granular and highly aggregated at the same time. If desired, including upstream and downstream impact.

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Our team


As a kid, I loved building dams in streams. I watched how moving one stone would alter the direction of the river. Today, as an entrepreneur, I help companies moving the right stones, so they can alter their direction towards a more sustainable future.


Throughout my career I have been initiating change. I learnt two important lessons: change doesn't occur overnight. You navigate from one point to the next. And only the strongest teams succeed in overcoming the obstacles that occur along the way.


When I studied Sustainable Development in 2015, I had the feeling doomsday was coming for our planet. Now that I'm an active part of the transition towards a greener economy, I'm much more optimistic. It's actually quite an exiting time to be alive.

Data engineer

I know exactly how to process data so we can generate the most valuable insights for our clients. My ambition is to use my technical skills for promoting social and environmental sustainability. That's why I'm so enthusiastic to work at Salacia Solutions.
"I like bridging tech and sustainability. This way I help companies to continuously monitor their impact on ESG."

Jan Schoonis

"I strongly believe that financial and sustainability reporting should be on equal footing, that’s why I co-founded Salacia."

Kees Kerstens

"I love how we're standardizing impact tracking, but never fail to deliver a customized solution that fit's our client's needs at the same time."

Mart Beeftink

"It’s my dream to make a meaningful contribution to our transition to a sustainable society. That’s why I co-founded Salacia."

Lenny van Klink

Erich Molz

Christian Beier

"I love it when after some puzzling and experimenting I come up with a plan or design that's clean and works great, whether it's a piece of code at work or pizza at home."

Martijn Sanderse



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Our name

Salacia is the Roman goddess of the salty waters. It also means sensational. For us, sensational means:

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We empower organizations to do better, by providing them the right tools and support.
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Our integrated solution helps companies make decisions based on full knowledge of their impact.
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We dream big and are purpose driven. One day, ecology and economy will be of equal importance.

what's in a name

Salacia is the Roman goddess of the salty waters. It also means sensational. For us, sensational means:
We activate the private sector's power for greening our planet, by providing them the right tools.
We offer an integrated solution that helps companies make decisions based on full knowledge of their impact.
We dream big: we hope ecology and economy will become of equal importance. We invite anyone who shares this dream to join us.

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Stay on top of industry developments and explore the latest thoughts on sustainability.

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